Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Victim Spirit


Continue to have things happen over and over. Demons to create victims.

Once a preditor spirit connects with a victim spirit, they bring damage to the person.

The demonic will try to convince the person there is nothing they can do about it and sometimes think they deserve it or it is their fault. Living with a victim spirit is optional. A person does not need to live like that.  We are called to walk in dominion.

We are to have dominion and multiply and be fruitful. Dominion is life giving.  Dominion is the opposite of victimization. We are called to be royal priesthood to build up and not tear down.

Dominion vs. survival

Some people have been victimized so much that they live life avoiding potholes. To obtain freedom from victimization requires us to appropriate God's power. God is interested in releasing power to the Children of God.

Ephesians 4:28

Pattern of sin reopens doors.

Dominion is the opposite of preditor induced victimization. The preditor sucks life out of the victim. The highest level is dominion and equipping for your birthright.

It can be the mindset of a person. The mindset is an open door to demons because of their thinking pattern.

The most flagrant indicator is the mindset, without demons, will explian why it is right for things to happen (pg. 20). Why it is right for them to stay in that situation where they are constantly victimized - battered wives. A spirit of denial. They stay for the love for him. They believe they deserved the beating. Victims avoid facing the truth.

Sibling beating up younger sibling. Parent may say it is a form of love that the sibling is hitting you. The child has self-control issues, and parent does not know how to deal with it. The parent has a victim mindset. The parent explains why it is right when things go wrong.

Some will stay in an abusive job situation saying things like I am staying to show the Love of Christ to my boss. They will explain why it is the right things to go wrong.

There are preditors in religious circles. Some victims will stay under an abusive spiritual leader because they have been taught submission to abuse is godly and that God is building character in them.

Victims of molestation. May have been taught that intrusive visitations (violation) are good because it makes them more loved and appreicated by their tormentor.

The second common problem is always expecting the worse. They project things to go bad in their future. Dread. You have to bring this type of person to the knowledge of the father of lies. Because of broken victimization things in the past does not mean it will happen in the future. The pattern can change. It is the fruit of a great deal of pain.

You have to come out of the mindset that it is not always going to be like this and will never ask to the things they should have.

Like not getting repairs done when it needs to be done. Will justify why landlord will not get them done.

Demons encourage victim thinking. AFter deliverance they must walk out in truth even when it does not feel right. This brings progressive healing to the mind (26).

The victim spirit rarely operates alone. Its job is to attract other demons to routinely assault the victim from the outside or to attach themselves to the victim for continual harassment.

Predator Spirit

This demon is the primary partner with the victim spirit. It thrives on inflicting physical and emotional pain on others for the pleasure of the predator.

The victim spirit is skilled at leading their captive to the predatory spouse, boss, repairman, coach or neighbor.

The Poverty Spirit

This demons works primarily with a person's mindset to keep them from possessing their birthright.

A person cannot accept and keep from themselves the good things that come to them. Example: inherit money and give it away.

Uncomfortable surpassing their peers. If their moral standards are higher than those of their spiritual leaders, they will go to great lengths to keep their walk private or to explain why they are really not that they are not more holier than them. or downplay professional and academic excellence, quickly informing others why their own achievements aren't really all that they appear to be. False humility.

They are unwilling to pay a price to achieve. the pain of making a change, taking a risk or facing the unknown is deemed reason enough for downsizing their expectations. They would rather endure endless pain of financial, emotional, academic, spiritual or relational poverty than to face the increased short-term pain required ot obtain long-term blessings.

They are satisified with less than God's best for them. This facet of the poverty spirit functions quite freely in the midst of abundance. What looks like contentment can be a poverty demon in disguise.


Spirit of Jealousy - http://www.dieakker.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Burk_SpiritOfJealousy.pdf

The Welfare Spirit

A welfare spirit opposed to the dominion mandate. God called us to be life givers and rebuilders to the world around us regardless of whose fault anything is. Someone who wants to be free of their victim spirit must vigorously resist the deceptive mindset and the demonic power of the welfare spirit.

Curses on Time

Some it is financial devouring at the same time every year. It could be illnesss, or hold a job for a limited time.


Most of these demons are generational. In the family tree you see a pattern.

If a person dies before 50, there is a curse on time. Check reproductive difficulties.

How were their finances. Did it matter if they were rich or poor? Repeat on promotion as being denied, partners robbing the business or endless litigations?

How about social skills. Did people get married, stay married, stay out of jail and have reasonable functional children? were they morally proper?

How was their spiritual walk? Was there a pattern of hyper spirituality or pursuit of aberrant religious experiences, or a systematic hardness to spiritual things?