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Covenants to Satan - Breaking Satanic Dedication


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Counselor's note:
Take every person through this prayer, regardless. Everyone may not be ready to go through this prayer in the first few visits. With ritual abuse survivors, it would be wise to first build a relationship with the person. Ritual survivors usually have been betrayed by every person they ever trusted and you are no different from the rest. It will take time for them to trust you, little by little. They are also feeling a tremendous amount of shame and guilt for what they have done so go very slow and let them lead. Follow the Holy Spirit's guidance. With ritual abuse survivors, you need to get the support of as many internal alters as possible before taking the host or any part through this prayer. You can explain to the internal system why it is necessary to go through this prayer, if you have a relationship with the system. If not, have the host go inside an explain this to the internal system. The host can ask the helper parts to protect the little ones or take them to a safe place. Then they can take steps to ensure the safety of the internal system and the child alters.

You may have to bind any spirits that can cause flashbacks of the rituals. One indication of a problem is when they start to pray, flashbacks start. It should be noted that a flashback can be caused by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and can occur in abuse, trauma and war survivors. This can also be from an alter that is afraid or from an evil spirit. Take time to investigate what is happening. Read the book listed on MPD.

It is important to know what is causing the problem so you can stop it. You want to stop it but not do any damage in the process. You will need to pray for discernment.
You may have to do some spiritual warfare and pray the "Rule of the Victor" prayer before proceeding. Details about the" Rule of the Victor" prayers are found in notes to Prayer No. 9.

Overthrow and Uproot Evil Witchcraft Forces Prayer Manual

Note, spiritual warfare or binding spirits does not always have to be done out loud. It is effective if done very low or even spoken internally. If the person does not have a problem with binding spirits and spiritual warfare, then by all means do it aloud and have them agree. Most ritual survivors are multiples, (people who have Multiple Personality Disorder). The term Multiple Personality Disorder has been changed to Dissociative Identity Disorder and may be a better term to use with the counselee.

Those with Multiple Personality Disorder or ritual abuse survivors, require special care. Caution is always the way to go in all these cases. An alter personality is a split in the mind and NOT a DEMON. If you don't know the difference between an alter an a demon, then check with someone who has experience with multiplicity and dissociation. If you continue trying to cast an alter out of a multiple, much damage can result and healing is hindered for some time. Their trust will also be damaged. The message to them is that the Church doesn't understand or care. Also, if you know the person is a ritual abuse survivor and you are not sure exactly what to do, then consult with someone experienced in that area. Most non-ritualized survivors of sexual abuse usually do not have a problem with this prayer. Satanic dedications can happen to anyone with or without their knowledge, often as a baby or young child. Most people do not know what took place in their lives as very young children. Someone in the family or relatives may have said evil or occult prayers over him/her when they were babies.

Often, cults are part of the family heritage and have gone on for generations. The family does not see any problem with "passing on the heritage." However, this sets the child up for demonic attack and entanglement later in life. Someone may have made a financial agreement in exchange for some of the baby's blood or dedicated the baby to a false god or Satan. There may have been a dedication before the child was born. Some are cultural rituals as with the American Indians, Pennsylvania Dutch "pow-wow" healers, Spanish Santeria cults, etc. They pray or make dedications to demonic spirit powers.

There are many initiation rites and ceremonies in secret societies that bring curses on people. It is believed that initiation into Mormonism has pacts and vows that can hold a person in bondage and open them to demonic attacks. These need to be renounced and repentance made. Some believe they are actually making a dedication to the Lord God, Yahweh, but they are deceived.

Some parents will take their children to psychic or occult healers when doctors fail them. These methods of healing are satanic and call upon demonic powers for the healing. Satan never gives anything away. He will take off physical sickness and give them mental torment. This often does not show up until some time later.
Children make a blood packs or cut themselves in play, becoming "blood brothers or sisters," copying what they have seen on TV. These activities can have a lasting damaging effect on the participants and their descendants. You can tell the counselee that it is best to be safe and pray this prayer, just in case someone has prayed over them without their knowledge. They don't want to leave any unknown doorways open through which Satan can attack. Explain that only one part of this prayer may apply to them, but we don't know which is the part for them, so have them pray the entire prayer.

Blood pacts, vows and oaths must be renounced and broken. These activities place curses on the participants and open them to torment by evil spirits. Many times, this is done "just for fun" or "it really didn't mean anything." Satan takes a different view of coming to his kingdom for help and will use it as an opportunity to gain evil control over a person. The Lord GOD, Yahweh, also takes a different view of taking part in these activities, see Exodus 20:3-4 and Deuteronomy 18:9-13.
Counselors can have the person pray, renounce and cancel the effects of these curses and dedications. This process is crucial for freedom. After the person has prayed, have them command all spirits that came in with the curses, pacts or dedications to leave in Jesus' name. Afterwards, the person can submit all those areas of themselves to God for cleansing by the Blood of Jesus. Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill all places where the spirits were.

By Traci Morin

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