Tuesday, June 05, 2012

There are Real Vampires Amongst Us - Vampirism on the Rise with Youth

Today, the media either through TV, games and books, is deliberately introducing young people and adults into a level of satanic witchcraft through our media with shows such as Harry Potter, Twilight, Werewolf, Twilight, etc.

Jeremiah 10:2 “Thus says the Lord: Learn not the way of the (Heathen) nations and be not dismayed at the signs of the heavens, though they are dismayed at them.”

Dabbling with witchcraft and magic is dangerous spiritually, mentally, psychologically and physically. Wicca is drawing a huge number of teenagers from 50,000 to 100,000 in the States alone.

Satan is after the youth of today. If he can stop Christianity by attacking the young people, then Christianity starts to die out.

Part of vampirism is drinking blood which is part of the satanic black mass and a good way for satanic and demonic possession. Blood is the very heart of the war between God and Satan. On the day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), the Lord told His high priests to slay the animials. Lev. 16:14.

Vampirism defined as: “Blood is the vitalizing or life giving agent used in the sacrament of black mass." Blood is known to give power and life and is very important part of ritualistic practices and sacrifices.

Vampirism is practiced by Satanists who have sold themselves to the devil with their blood by sucking or drinking it as part of their rituals or celebration of black mass.

What most people are not aware of is that vampirism is a clock that covers the whole dark range of activities from tattooing, cutting, branding, torture, killing, cannibalism, abortion, religious cults, fanaticism, animal and human sacrifice, erotic bonding, sadism, and primal experiences.

Tatooing, piercing, scarification and body modification and branding are all forms of vampirism. It is called the “art of blood.” Something the bible forbids. Cutting is what the Baal priests did to invoke their God to no avail. Tattoos have been a sign, from earliest times, as a tribal branding all over the world.

Lev. 19:23 “You shall not make gashes in your flesh for the dead, or incise any marks on yourselves: I am the Lord.”

The word marks in Hebrew is “Qu Aqua”, meaning incision. Qu Aqua – in Jewish oral tradition – means to scratch or pierce the skin, fill it in with pigment, writing, symbols or marks that are stuck in.

Vampirism is nothing new and goes back to ancient Babylon to Greece, and Rome and then throughout society to the present. Times.

Those who become vampires believe they were born vampires and have a condition much like a disease that needs blood to survive – spiritual energy called prana, pranic energy, chi, qi, ki. It is the same energy as Kundalini energy referred to In Yoga and New Age – occult power.

Vampires call themselves “otherkins”, “therians”, “dragonkins”, “felinekins”, or “energy workers”. They believe that vampires need to be “turned” or “awakened”, and every vampire has from their time of birth a “beacon”, which is a spiritual marker upon their spiritual-selves that can be felt by others and identifies a person as a vampire.

They call blood drinking the “blood bond”. A term refers to the marriage between two vampires or initiation when one joins a vampire coven. They will not live healthy life as it will cause of continual loss of energy. Why because of the demonic nature, demonic possession.

Vampires use thei ethical rulebook called the “Black Veil” also called “coming out of the coffin” as a way to make vampirism public.

1 Sam. 15:23-26 “For rebellion is like the sin of divination, defiance, like the iniquity of teraphin (witchcraft). Because you rejected the Lord’s command, He has rejected you as king. 24 Saul said to Samuel, “I did wrong to transgress the Lord’s command and your instructions; but I was afraid of the troops and I yielded to them ….

Rebellion carries many curses, such as being cut off from the Lord, death and enslaved by our enemies.

'Twilight' has targeted the collective soul of teenage America. Are you allowing your teenager to watch these shows? The faith and values behind America's success are fading fast through our media. Filling the vacuum is an amoral, power-seeking, thrill-addicted ideology that clashes with everything we have treasured in our nation. No wonder we face social and moral anarchy. Doesn’t the media make Edward is a relatively "good" vampire!

Satan Plays Good Cop-Bad Cop a delusional effect making us believe Edwards is good

Twilight taps into the seductive, but delusional, occult theme that there are both good and bad demons and that a relationship with the right occult entities can help one ward off the really bad demons. Twilight is especially huge among many Wiccans and neo-pagans because of its occult themes and due to the positive PR it gives to the idea of “good” witches and “good” covens. MTV News, in a story they did on the revival of Wicca, states. Wicca is one of the fastest growing religions in United States.

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