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Indian Curses

List of  native american curses
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Do you suffer from a spirit of oppression? There are all types of curses. Some people may say "do curses work? Yes, if you suffer from a spirit of oppression, then a door has been opened. 

Exodus 20:3 - No other Gods
Deut. 7:25-26 - Graven Images - Abominations
Joshua Ch. 7 - Sin of Achan and Accursed Things
II Kings 21:2 - Abominations
II Chron. 28:3 - Burned Incenses and Children
II Chron. 33:2-9 - Abominations
II Chron. 36:14 - Abominations of Heathen
Ezra 6:21 - Separated from Heathen
Job 30:3-8 - Demons Roam in Wilderness
Psalm 135:15 - Idols are Silver and Gold
Jer. 10:2 - Signs of Heathen
Ezek. 11:2 - Men that Give Wicked Counsel
Ezek. 20:9-14 - Not polluted before Heathen
Eph. 5:6-17 - Unfruitful works of Darkness
Acts 19:19 - Curious Arts and Books

Alcoholic spirits (especially firewater and whiskey) Break curse of loss of prosperity Blood brothers and sisters (break ties)
Akeyla (Sun God) Baby Pow Astrology
Baby Pow Reincarnation Anger Baal Worship
Ancestor Gods Beads - white meant peace; purple meant war, death or mourning Aiy
Anti-Christ Birdgod Crocodile
Amulets Bitterness Batgod
Jaguar Cannibalism (Ojibway, Medicine Man) Buffalo
Caribou spirit Buffalo child (croaton) Curse on Arrowhead
Blood thirsty Curse to cause cutting off Curse of firstborn to pass through the fire
Hopa doll Indian rituals Child sacrifice
Hypnotic trance Charms - war, health, ward off evil spirits Idol worship
Incantation Drums Chac (water God)
Indian Astrology spirits (believed to be ruling spirits) when a
star comes to earth, it is believed to change into a demon.
Dances - owl, charcoal, sun, snake, duck, chicken, horse, fire
leaping, fish, alligator, crow, ghost, buffalo, scalp
Indian corn
Indian artifacts Desertion Indian curses
Elk Spirits Indian Art Indian drumbeat (Voodoo worship)
Indian chants Divorce Indian eye
Eliminate curse on American Indians Indian Fireside Humor spirit (Sioux) Earth Mother
Indian folklore Eagle Indian Jezebel
Estsanatlehi - old woman Indian Magic - arrowheads, string, --gourd who rejuvenates self,
rattles, rawhide, roots, twigs, berries
Earth monster Tlalal-tecuhtli
Beaks of birds, bird wings, pure white Hiawatha - glandular malfunctions, swelling Pebbles, turquoise, eagles, blackbirds,
Peace pipe, bones Father sky Indian magic spirits
Fox spirit (makes a witch pass through fire) Indian Mythology spirits (for youth) Indian pierced ear spirit
Fireside dancer Indian pierced ears in women, men and children Fear of lack of provision
False prophecy through money Indian scalp spirit False Indian prophecy
Indian spirit of bondage False tongues Indian spirit of poverty
Feathers Indian spirit of war Firebird
Indian Sorcery Firegod - Xiutechli Indian witchcraft (ability to turn one- self into a bear, wolf,
fox, owl, snake)
Great Buffalo spirit God of War (Ojibway) Inherited incest
God fouls of the air (Ojibway) Knives God of the stars (Ojibway)
Ka-du-te-ta (older women who never die) God of herbs of the earth Kachina doll(Ojibway)
Lenelanapa (Indian Macho man) Great Spirit Longhouse
Great Lodge Maid of the Mist Great White Father
Masks for dances God of the harvest Matolu (chief)
God of death (Aztec) associated with group KISS Medicine Bag Medicine Lodge
Geronimo Medicine Man God's eye
Medicine tipis Great Father Mediums
God of hunting (Ojibway) Moloch Greed
Moon worship Heavy heart Mother earth
Human sacrifice Murder Hoop dance
Nakedness Horoscopes Necromancy (Ojibway and Cherokee)
Hatred Order of the Arrow Peyote eating (open to all drug spirits)
Spirit of the Sky Spirit of the Moon Power over life of animals
Spirit of Happy Hunting (powerful death spirit) Power over death of animals (especially wolf) Spirit of Animals
Peace piper Spirit of Trees Peace pipe worship-Calumet
Spirit of Grass Poverty Spirit of Water
Pow-wow Spirit of Stones Prayer to the Dead
Spirit of Maize (Winnebago, Peyote cult) Spirit of Maple Syrup in trees
Pride Spirit of Nature Worship Priesthood of the Bow
Spirit Guides Rejection Squash Blossom
Raccoon spirits Squirrel Spirits Reincarnation
Stag Raindance Stooped shoulder
Rebellion Superstition Resentment
Submission to tribal custom Retaliation Sweat lodges and puberty rites
Religious spirits (prophets, priests) Teepee Regeneration, green corn dance
Thief Sacrifice to God of the Harvest Thunderbird (Eagle) no head,
Break full of rows of wolf's teeth, powerful ruling spirit in
American Indians)
Sacrificial pole Scout Idols
Scout Oaths Sisuitl (soul catcher) Scout Societies
Thunder God - Ibeorhum Seances (Croaton) Tobacco Spirits - nicotine, cigarettes, cigar
Serpent swastika Shamans (medicine man) Seer
Totem pole Spirit of The clan Sitting Bull
War God Si-ka-ma-hi-fi (Elder creator spirit, Hidatsa) Warpath
War Whoops Snake dance Wigwam (Ojibway)
Song to the Morning Star (Pawnee) Will of Wisp Sorcery
Woe from long march (Mohawk), Six Nations Sun worship Sun Dance (all)
Wolf Spirit of the Prairie wolf Break curses of Half Breed
Spirit of the Sun Spirit of the Clouds 

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