Monday, October 10, 2005

Ungodly Soul Ties

What Do Ungodly Soul Ties Look Like
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Soul ties definition:

Ungodly soul ties attach itself (entangling a person) to a person in the soul area which is the mind, will and emotions.  Their thoughts are no longer their own.  When a person is unnaturally and inordinately affected by the mind, will and emotions and desire of another person dictated to them how to think.  It can be a fornicator, adultery relationship.  Basically soul ties is inordinate affection.  A person above God to meet  your need. 

Soul ties can be being knit together, becoming one flesh and it does not only happen when two people have sex.  It can happen when there is a needy person or spiritually incorrect person that is coming out of your need to be loved,

It’s an inordinate love because it’s not based out of giving, it’s based out of receiving. And you’re completeness is now on the basis of receiving, not who you are. Who you are in love can be complete and you don’t need to receive it from anybody. If you’re who you are is dependent on somebody being nice to you, you’ve blown it already.

Ungodly soul ties will strangle you.  One person controls and the other person is the giver and looses themselves to please the other person.

The spiritual root is fear of man, fear of rejection, generational rejection, inordinate affection, soul ties, need for love, need for acceptance by another, peace keeper at all cost, Insecurity, etc.

Read more on ungodly soul ties and how to break soul ties to be free through deliverance praysers to break soul ties.

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Anonymous said...

The bible clearly says "one flesh" not one soul. It is ridiculous to teach that a person's soul is divided because sexual indiscretion. The two become one physically. Cleaving, sticking or being glued to someone is a personal choice made by people not a spiritual act. Because you have chosen to join yourself with someone is the reason you are with them not because of sex.

All souls belong to God. It is the immortal part of man that will either live with him eternally or die and be separated from him forever. We all answer to God INDIVIDUALLY Not as one with our mate or whomever we fornicated with. To imply that sex unites people"s souls negates the need for a personal savior and relationship with Christ which we all know is necessary for true salvation and can only be achieved singularly.

This type of teaching is destructive. The bible tell us that we are new creatures in Christ so how can pasts sin keep us divided and unable to have fulfilling whole relationships? Sexual indiscretion is bad because it defiles the actual temple of the Holy Ghost which is our bodies. It ruins our testimony and shows that are not lead and controlled by the the spirit of God but by our own lusts. We are not indefinitely tied to ungodly relationships through unbroken soul ties but through unrepentant hearts that refuse to do away with sin.

Anonymous said...

i found your blog very helpful.
but i was wondering if you knew more about nonsexual unholy/ungodly soulties. and i was wondering if you knew any good verses that go hand and hand with that. it seems like all the verses you have posted are geared towards sexual/un-pure unholy/ungodly soulties.

Henriette said...

Hey! Ive learnt about this just the past few days. Thank you for sharing your perspective;)

God bless you