Monday, September 26, 2005

What is behind some chiropractic care!

Can believers use Chiropractic care!

This is a matter between you and God. I personally would not go to a chiropractor and I did regularly in the past before my deliverance and healing. I believe and we teach that the origens of chiropratic come out of spiritualism and psychic healing. D. D.Palmer is the father of chiropractic and he was a spiritist etc. All schools of chiropractic are born out of psychic healing. I acknowledge that there are some wonderful Christian chiropractors out there and we love them. But I am still not in agreement with their profession. I believe that going to a chiropractor opens up the door to the occult and the door to a spirit of pain. But you have to be persuaded in your own heart. Ask God to give you discernment in this area.

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