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Truth Behind Pokemon

Pokemon is Bad

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Be Aware...Be Very Aware....

'My people perish for lack of knowledge...' Hosea 4:6a

Know exactly whose side you're on. There is a division. There is a difference between truth and lie. Do not be fools and succumb (willingly, that's worse!) to the devil's wiles. He knows his time is short and thus he's like a lion, seeking whom he may devour. Avoid him and flee. (read 1 Timothy)
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Video Truth Behind Pokemon

Stephen Dollins(13/16)- (ex Satanist) Occultism, Satanism and Pokemon Exposed

This is an interesting article by Doris Wagner* (wife of Peter Wagner) who was here in Singapore in June. She specialises in casting out demons. Here she shares four current concerns - Halloween, Pokemon, Harry Potter, and TV programmes like Buffy.

Pokemon is Bad

Just another "fad"? Read on! See Christian perspective...
By Brett Peterson
Pokemon - the true power behind Pocket Monsters Pokemon games and all of the Pokemon cards

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This is the experience of one family:

"Our firsthand experience with 'Pokemon', specifically the 'Red' and 'Blue' Gameboy Versions, involved William, our 8 year old. A Christian friend gave William the video game for his birthday. Our review of the packaging and the very scanty instructions provided with the game did not raise any red flags, so William began to play the game. The game involves a very intricate journey with fights between little creatures at each step, with the goal of capturing all of the Pokemon. The game created an addiction and anxiety in the child, which made me uncomfortable, but as we had only just purchased the 'Game Boy' toy itself, I figured it was just the nature of video games in general.

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Two months into playing the game (it takes about four months to finish), William came to me one morning asking what 'channeling' was. He emotionally spilled out that there were bad spirits and ghosts in his Pokemon game, that channelers were calling forth the spirit of a dead Pokemon's mother, that it was very scary and that he thought it was bad and he should get rid of the game. All of Pokemon is evil said one child.

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William also brought to my attention:

• Sabrina, a character who bends a spoon with her mind
• Leader Koga, who William, says is a warlock
• A girl who roams around asking players if ghosts are real. If the player answers "No", the girl replies "Oh, I guess that white glove you're wearing isn't real". If the player answers "Yes", the girl 'freaked out' according to William.
• The way to increase your 'power' in the game is to drain the life of another 'Clefairy' character who bows down to worship a moon stone.

Only later did I learn that William had been having a recurring bad dream. The morning he came to me, he said he had wakened up from his dream knowing that he had to tell me about what was in the game and that he had to get rid of the game. He never had the dream again. I later studied the official Pokemon guide, a $12 magazine that is purchased at video stores and did indeed find that in the "Pokemon Tower" portion of the game, the Pokemon creatures cannot 'fight' with the game's characters because they are possessed with evil spirits. In fact, the text "I can't fight now, I'm possessed", actually appears on the Game Boy screen. We thank God that he made up for our sloppy parenting! We also thank Him that He has given William a heart for what is right and the ability to discern when power is not coming from the One True God."

This article talks about the occult and many Pagan philosophies and practices - please do not read if this type of discussion scares you - and please pray about what you let your children play with and watch.

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Truth About Pokemon

What is Pokemon? Sometimes cute little creatures that battle each other. My son and I were trading the cards and playing the game - I observed groups of children role playing the Pokemon characters for a period of four months. I watched the anime (cartoons or japanimation) and I did extensive research into the subtle influences on the whole Pokemon world before I wrote this paper. It is out of much prompting that I finished this and I pray it helps many of you make an informed decision about whether or not Pokemon is a game that you want your children playing with.

All of the Pokemon is the result of influences that are completely mystical. These are just to name a few:

Buddhist Mysticism, Hinduism meditation rituals, Egyptian book of the Dead, Book of Tao, the Analects of Confucius, the Gita, the I Ching, the Tibetian Book of the Dead: All these philosophies influenced Pokemon!

C.G. Jung summarizes all these philosophies in his theory of 'collective unconsciousness', and assures his followers of the congeniality with occultic energy sciences and the evolutionary sciences with the occultic practices and tapping into the water energy, fire energy, leaf energy and wind energy you can achieve spiritual enlightenment and success - all of which are incorporated in Pokemon. Jung draws upon Oriental conceptions of consciousness to broaden the concept of 'projection': Not only the 'wrathful' demons/monster (pocket monsters) but also the 'peaceful' deities/spirits (pikachu's) are conceived as animal projections of the human psyche - the fundamental religious teaching and game play in Pokemon!

Colour energy cards:

In the Tibetan tradition, life is a sort of 'game', and they state that each level of game-existence is associated with a particular colour and also certain geographical symbols. Note the energy cards in Pokemon have colours and elements that also refer powers and positions. In Tibetian teaching, each person (trainer of projections) has to learn to decode his own internal road map. The Tibetian indicators may be used as a starting point. The purpose is clear: one should follow the signs of the three higher types and shun those of the three lower. One should follow light and pleasant visions and shun dark and dreary ones. Look at all of the Pokemon cards - both are represented and role-played by our children.

Recently, I observed a group of children who were role-playing Pokemon. They were making evil faces and chanting their Pokemon character names over and over! One three year old was chasing another boy almost trance like in expression saying in a deep raspy voice, "Bulbasore attack, Bulbasore, Bulbasore".

Shinto teaches that all such natural features were felt to have a god behind their power. Many Shinto beliefs were incorporated into Japanese Buddhist practices after its introduction in the 6th century. Just as they believe in evolution and re-incarnation, these ideas are manifest in all of the Pokemon. Some of the cards show creatures associated with Satan (dragons, ghosts, wizards etc) and are typical examples of the dark side of Pokemon. Haunter, an evolved spirit, can hypnotise and has 'dream eater' power (powered by the purple Pokemon energy cards which is the psychic energy). This power lets him drain the energy from his opponents. Some eastern and New Age philosophies teach this principle and call spirits that can do 'energy vampires'. This is just the tip of the iceberg! All of the Pokemon game contains many typologies manifest in the cards that reflect the philosophies of Shinto with mystic Buddhism, in addition to many other beliefs.


In Pokemon, the monsters actually die to their old self and evolve into the new, more powerful Pokemon. This is the teaching of eastern mystery religions and is spelled out in the Egyptian book of the Deed and other occult religions.

All of the Pokemon evolve and take on new characteristics and one (Evee) can evolve into one of two completely different Pokemon. Children are subtly being indoctrinated in the theory of evolution and mysticism in the Pokemon game. What other influences are evident in Pokemon? It gets more unbelievable and shocking as you read on! Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism, Satanism, 'New Age' and other occultic influences influence Pokemon. Wicca, or Witchcraft is a popular and fast growing religious practice all over the world today. Most witches/warlocks consider their practice something that is learned by experience not by books. They go through many incredible rituals to become powerful in, the 'craft'. Pokemon trainers must go through a lot of training and ritual type actions to become 'Master Trainers', with the ability to control the Pokemon and their powers.

In Pokemon, trainers summon one of their Pokemon to battle other monsters and they use them as guardians. In Wicca, guardians known as Watchtowers, are called. These spirits (and sometimes animals) are called by them to protect them from 'evil' spirits while they open themselves up to these spirits during rituals - the circle, the pentagram, etc all provide a 'safe' area to practice. (In Pokemon, the monsters are held in a Pokeball until the master summons them). In witchcraft, these spirits are summoned and called to stay in the circle until needed to fight off bad spirits. These guardians in Pagan practice are often the spirits with whom a person feels comfortable, with and has developed some form of a relationship with (in Pokemon the trainers befriend their 'pocket monsters' and develop trusting and advise seeking relationships with them). Possible guardians might be one of the Ancestors, a "spirit guide!' or other spiritual entity (including animal spirits and even real animals - like typical witches black cat) with which the person is familiar.
This is what occurs in Pokemon play - the pocket monsters are captured, trained and summoned as needed.

Most Pagan and earth based religions and philosophies find power in the Four Elements - Earth, Water, Fire and Wind. These are the energy cards in the Pokemon game!

What we are allowing to come into our homes! The elements in Pokemon are foundational to many earth religions and mystic rituals. We draw our power from God, not the earth!

One last example of occultic practices and Pokemon.
In Paganism and the Occult there are spirit guides, messengers and elementals or artificial elementals. They can be summoned to do things for the 'trainer' or practitioner'.

They can:
1. Watch and tell the trainer what it sees
2. Guard the trainer
3. Fight with other spirits or elementals
4. Carry out assignments given by the trainers.

Pagans can capture free elementals (much like Pokemon trainers capture pocket monsters) and build relationships with them for use oust like Pokemon trainers). Witches, shamans etc, recommend only master practitioners do this because you are not masters of the elementals, just like Pokemon trainers are not masters of the pocket monster - and they warn that they can be hard to get rid of and may require an exorcism to become free of a bad one.

Anti Anti Pokemon

Please pray and do what the Lord instructs you to do - it is time to take a stand for God and protect our children from the influences of the enemy! My son is six and we had a whole book of Pokemon cards - after praying about it he made the decision to get rid of his cards, because he could see they were evil!

I am not about to 'abolish the wickedness of Pokemon' - God had me write this paper to alert individuals to the occultic influences and the potential for instilling false beliefs.

My son and I both were enjoying collecting the cards - I made up a cool binder and it was fun trading the Pokemon. Everytime he asked me about the occultic powers, I shrugged and said, "As long as you know that it is from the enemy, God's power is better and different".

Then they began saying some stuff that is my close to the terminology used in occultic rituals - and they somehow got it from Pokemon. So, all I did was research the game and compare it to various religions. There are, as you read, some very clear connections.

In game play, you can open yourself up to a very real power that has one goal - your emotional instability, self-seeking powers, the occult and eventual death.
The 2 Week Diet
Yes, Pokemon is cute, fun and the anime cartoon is refreshingly simple - but it is also subtly occultic, and can influence young people to follow the wrong path. Anything that has this potential should not be part of a Christian home.

Author Unknown

Touch of God International Ministries
Traci Morin


Tokuch of God said...

I like your harsh language and your assumption (take the word assume apart - ass u me) that I have children or even a son. In fact I do not have children and a much older person. I'm a minister and a deliverance minister and have parents who bring their children to me all the time and so you learn what doors are being opened up.

Not everyone is going to agree and I'm fine with that. We live in a free country called

Blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I can clearly see that your intentions are good, but please would you refrain from insulting other religions like that? I personally find it disgusting.

Also as a pokemon fan I can see that most of your facts are utter rubbish. Eevee can evolve into 1 of 5 pokemon, not 2. And the one about clefairy, well, it's such nonsense that I can't even be bothered to argue.

'In game play, you can open yourself up to a very real power that has one goal - your emotional instability, self-seeking powers, the occult and eventual death.' Let me just correct that for you. 'In game play, the overall aim is to collect all the pokemon in the game.' The player does not die. The player is not a pagan, nor the devil himself, nor is he evil,nor is he selfish or arrogant or emotionally instable.
I doubt that you have ever seen the pokemon cartoon, but in actual fact it emphasises friendship, trust, beauty, love and good triumphing over evil. The card game, the cartoons and the gameboy game have all been an important part of my childhood, have taught me good morals, and have taught me to never give up on my dreams- which coincidentally do not involve corrupting American youth or spreading satanic messages or anything of the sort. Now I don't know about you, but it appears to me that those morals are not enemies of christianity, unless I have the wrong end of the stick.
Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention-
Please don't shoot me-
I'm not a Christian. Mind you neither am I a Pagan, which I'm sure you'll be glad to hear, in all your religious prejudice.

Have fun being misguided.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

pss You must be a witch if you that much. Or you researched to much drop it. its just for fun not a Witch bible

Psss i am a christian and i let my chidren play

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious... This person actually thinks Pokemon are demonic and evil? Amazing. It's not just animals that Pokemon portray... They also portray plants, metal, and the Earth itself (The Rock-type's and Ground-types). I have played the game since I was 10 (which was when Pokemon Blue and Red released in America). Not once did I have recurring dreams/nightmares of these games. The games, trading cards, anime, everything is fantasy. Yes Pokemon portray real animals and such, but that doesn't mean they're evil. Of course you may believe they're evil because some are ghosts and some are dragons, but in Pokemon, dragons are considered 'powerful MYSTICAL creatures', so not all Pokemon are evil. People who believe that Pokemon are evil are close minded and to think someone would keep their child from playing the game, cards, etc., is just outrageous. It's children's fantasy. Take one of the episodes from the first season of the Pokemon cartoon.. The episode showed that of Sabrina (a Psychic-type trainer) and Haunter.. Ash (the main character) and his friends captured this Haunter in hopes of making Sabrina laugh, (because Ash's Haunter was a trickster and a clown). During his battle with Sabrina and her Kadabra (a Psychic-type Pokemon), as sends out his Haunter, and all Haunter could do is be a comedian and a clown... And Haunter got Sabrina to laugh. So, not all Pokemon are evil. You need to talk to others who play the game, watch the anime, or trade the cards.. Because just saying they're evil because a child had a nightmare, doesn't mean they are evil, just saying. So, before bashing on Pokemon, ask others what they think, then determain whether Pokemon is evil or not. Thank you.

Unknown said...

I cannot believe the ignorance in some comments. Pokemon might not have done nothing to YOU that you have not noticed but it has so much hidden that you would be surprised...Did you know that Japan banned Pokemon? Did you read the press report? They banned it because over 800 children while watching Pokemon reported that being overwhelmed with fear and the parents reported that the children's eyes were "white" and they were on the floor "possessed". The doctors caution parents and advice them not to let the children watch Pokemon. Oh yeah by the way...Japan was not the only country!

Anonymous said...

I may understand this all I find that pokemon is SATANIC I belive that the possessed children were taken over by Jinns (Satan's minions) and want to take over this world....My cousin blacked out and woke up screaming CHARIZARD!!! CHARIZARRD!!! repeatily whick freaked me out his eyes were compleately blank but he was finally out....It seems satans increasing his power through games!!!!

P.s. Im a 16 year old boy not the other "annonymous"

american woman said...

I have an 8 year old boy. He is obsessed with Pokemon. His 'invisible' friends are even Pokemon. I thought this was all a bunch of banter. Until, my son told me he had powers, could read minds, told friends parents he was a Wicken. I was shocked. We have no exposure to such things. I asked him were he had heard such things. He happily told me tonight, he is learning from Pokemon. I am really still shocked, and reading all I can. I don't think I can be naive any longer. I you believe in GOOD you must believe in EVIL. All I know is something here is very wrong.

Anonymous said...

It all depends on the child, some might need to have a special thing to do or play, they might just feel lonely. I understand all the information and comments but, If you are parent reading this, think about all the influences you had as a child, what about slasher movies? How many people after watching those things, mainly kids became serial killers? are you a serial killer right now?