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Astral Projection and Diviination and Renunciation


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Astral projection Experiences: Instructions for those involved in astral projection or divination. There are astral projection dangers. - Give the gift of books

Astral Projection experience or soul travel is an occult practice.  It is an out of body experience produced through meditation or witchcraft. It is an occult practice and powered by evil spirits. Once a person takes this soulish control over his/her spirit, they can enter the spirit realm any time and talk to demons. We are to be under the guidance and control of the Holy Spirit. These people need to repent and be in godly meditation on Scriptures. Is Astral projection a sin? Yes!

Astral Projection or soul travel is done when someone does the wrong type of meditation - altered state of consciousness through yoga, hindu type of meditation where a person blanks out their mind to open their mind to the supernatural. 


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Those who have been involved in astral projection experiences should be instructed and told about the dangers of astral projection is done by the help of astral projection demons. These people have yielded their bodies to Satan's use. This ability is not from God no matter how pleasant the experience. On the back of their heads at the point where the top of the spine and the base of the skull meet is the place where the astral projected body or soul body leaves the physical body.

In fact, you may believe you are astral projecting but in reality the astral projection demons are projecting images in your mind making you believe you are soul traveling but you are not. 

There is no way a person's soul can leave a body except through death.  This is the trickery of the demonic realm.  They can make you believe in anything especially when you prepare by doing altered state of consciousness or mind blacking exercises to get in touch but you are in reality getting in touch with spirit guides which are demonic spirits.

In the long run, you have demonic spirits or spirit guides that control you.  A person, who opens themselves up to the demonic realm, only ask for problems in the long run.  You can have torment, not able to sleep, body sensations, anxiety, etc.  If this is the case, you are in need of deliverance. Astral projection benefits are none. 

Bind all spirits that came in to help this person or give them power to accomplish soul travel. Command these spirits to leave in Jesus' name. You need to get their permission to anoint them on the back of the head and close this opening. Explain to them that when you anoint this spot, they will no longer have the ability to astral project. When they are ready, anoint the back of their head, then COMMAND that opening sealed, never to be opened again, in Jesus' name.

PLEASE NOTE!!!: Astral projection is a conscious use of soul power empowered by forces of darkness. Out of body experiences due to trauma, accidents or near death experiences are not occult practices. Out of body experiences caused by trauma, are usually not under the person's control.

Leaving the body in trauma is called dissociation. This is caused by severe stress or trauma. Dissociation occurs when a child or person is being hurt and the pain is too great to bear. They believe they are going to die. This is a stress coping mechanism. Most abuse survivors are unaware of how they leave their body. Refer to Dr. Friesen's book on Multiple Personality Disorder for an excellent explanation of dissociation and Multiple Personality Disorder. See introductory notes for title.

Counselor's notes on divination
Those who have been involved in divination, fortune telling, or have the ability to see into the spirit realm any time they choose, probably have a spirit of divination. They have opened the occult "third eye." The "third eye" is a supernatural eye that is on the forehead between the natural eyes. This is how fortune tellers, astrologers, witches and mediums get supernatural knowledge and can see into the future. The occult "third eye," used to look into the supernatural realm operates by demonic powers. If there is something God wants to show a person, then He will reveal it to them. In this case, it will be at His direction and under His control for a specific time or task. The ability to see into the supernatural realm has to be under God's control and direction because Satan will seduce mortals into the sinful use of this power. God does not want us to have anything to do with occult or psychic power. See Deuteronomy 18:10-13. Explain to the person that the source of this power is from the devil and not God. As you can see from Deuteronomy, God is not pleased with those who practice this. See also Exodus 20:3-4.

People who can see into the supernatural realm may be resistant to giving up this ability. They must give up this ability if they want to be free and have peace with God. The person has to renounce this practice and repent. It is always their choice. If they resist or argue about giving up this practice, they are not ready for ministry so stop until they can give it up. This is a rebellious spirit, not a humble spirit of someone who is truly sorry for dabbling in the occult. Explain to them the results of their making this decision, with gentleness and love; always being ready to help them when they are ready. Sometimes, teaching is necessary. Have them read God's Word and pray about this matter. God promised to deliver us from our enemies, not our friends.


Prayers to Renounce Astral Projection

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Spiritual Warfare Prayer: Setting Captives Free from Disease

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Anonymous said...

Wow! i had no Idea that this was going on wit me. Im a christian and now I know what I need to do.

Anonymous said...

Just for clarification -- it is the practice & spirit of ASTRAL Projection, not "Astro" Projection.

Unknown said...

Hum Interesting. It tickles me slightly how distraught you're views are on Astral Projection.

Chris said...

Demons? Apparently you're another one of those "You'd better listen to me or you're all going to hell!" kind of people. For the record, the Bible never makes mention of the practice and those who have done it certainly haven't exhibited psychological problems. In fact, most people have done it when they were children and didn't realize it.

I encourage people to seek out the Lord in their own way and not by a paranoid schizophrenic.

Anonymous said...

Dont listen to this bumbling idiot. I used to believe that tripe and it has destroyed most of my life. There is only one way to God, and that is through Jesus. If he tells you not to do something, it's for your own good, not his! Stay well away from ALL occult practices, or break free while you still can. Jesus is always there to take you back and help you. Dont turn him away.

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