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Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy

Is Hypnotherapy Dangerous?

Hypnosis/ Hypnotherapy ~ "Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used healing trances [channeling] and the tribes in Africa and the Americas used dancing and drumming for hypnotic effect.

Modern hypnotherapy emerged from the work of 18th century Austrian doctor Franz Mesmer. In 1943 Scottish surgeon James Braid explained hypnotherapy in scientific terms. Then in the 1890,s a school of hypnotism was founded in France. In his early work Sigmund Freud used hypnosis.

The most modern form of hypnosis which is used today was founded by Milton Erikson. Practitioners of hypnotism believe that the mind has different levels of consciousness. While under hypnosis the rational part of the mind is bypassed. This means the subconscious part is receptive to hypnosis...."

What Is Hypnosis

Simply stated, hypnosis "...involves a trance, or at least an altered state of consciousness that is brought on by repetitive verbal rituals, known as the induction procedure,"

Is Hypnosis Dangerous for Christians?

A hypnotic induction does require the cooperation of the individual, and a trance can be resisted. Nevertheless, the individual's participation may not be a conscious response, and people can enter into hypnosis without knowing that they did so.

Going into Hypnosis takes you to Altered State of Consciousness, and the mind becomes much more keen and alert under hypnosis.

Millions of people are opening up their minds to "ghosts" (unholy spirits) through altered states of consciousness.

What is an altered state of consciousness? According to John Ankerberg and John Weldon, it is "the deliberate cultivation of abnormal states of consciousness (states not normally experienced apart from a specific technique or program to develop them). In fact, "altered states may involve a large variety of subjects -- everything from hypnosis and other trance states to possession states (as mediumism and shaminism) to altered states that are characteristically pathological (as in kundalini arousal and shaminism), to direct visualization and imagery, lucid dreaming, drug-induced states of consciousness, meditation and bio-feedback-induced consciousness, and many others."

When in an altered state of consciousness, a person losing his grip on reality and losing his self-control. That's why the Bible warns that we are not to be under the power of anyone except Him.

When under altered state of consciousness through hypnosis, a person will experience dramatic spiritualistic (occultic) revelations, psychic powers and personality alterations of reality.

In many cases a person will experience temporary and/or permanent insanity, spirit contact, occult transformation and spirit possession have resulted. In fact, it opens a person to contact with demon entities because when you go into altered state of consciousness, you are opening up your third eye, connecting you to the second heaven or what people say the invisible demonic world.

Its dangerous because hypnotic induction...consists of a system of verbal and nonverbal manipulation to lead a person into a heightened state of suggestibility -- more simply, a condition in which one will believe almost anything.

The second reason that hypnosis is dangerous because the mind loses its ability to distinguish between fact and fantasy (truth and error) allowing Satan to take advantage of the opportunity.

One New Age author puts it this way -- "Hypnosis can be an open door to psychic experiences of many kinds, and in an emotionally unstable, insecure, or neurotic person the possibility of obsession or psychic invasion of one kind or another is always present."

What can you pick up from hypnosis? Demons, spirit guides, kundalini spirits in the back. Do you sometimes feel arosal or strange feelings from your back to the top of your head at times? That is why, you've opened your mind to the second heaven.

If you have done hypnosis and are experiencing torment in the mind, bad dreams, strange occurences, etc. then do this prayer:

Dear Lord,
I come to you in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. I confess that I have participated in Hypnotism. I ask your forgiveness and renounce hypnotism as contrary to the Bible which warns me not to be brought under any power other than yours (I Corinthians 6:12). I identify myself as a child of God by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ who has been redeemed by His (Christ's) precious blood. Amen

"Myth of Control

"The nature of hypnosis is such that people will respond more readily and less critically to suggestions given to them while in trance. This hypersuggestibility has been a prominent characteristic of hypnosis.

"However, it appears that while individuals will respond to suggestions that at other times and out of trance they think are ridiculous or irrational, there does appear to be some limit to the extent to which these suggestions can go before the person refuses to cooperate and/or spontaneously awaken.

"Considerable debate still continues regarding the point at which this limit is imposed.

"Some believe that one will never do in hypnosis anything that they would not do otherwise, while others believe it creates the potential for very irrational if not immoral and criminal acts.

"It is this view of hypnosis as a potentially dangerous tool, if improperly or unprofessionally employed, that has sparked moves for legislation restricting its use," (Encyclopedia of Psychology, David G. Benner, ed., p. 544; emphasis mine).

By: Traci Morin

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