Sunday, July 10, 2011

Israel's Deliverance from Egypt

Have you ever got out of bondage and didn't feel normal?  If you've been in bondage for so long, then when you get free, it is a hard reality.  How about those who have been married in a very mentally abusive relationship?  Why is that!

Exodus 16

Egypt represents the flesh and Israel was delivered from Egypt and traveled in the desert between Elim and Sinai called The Wilderness of sin.

During that time, the Israelites murmured and complained because of need of necessities, food and water.

God did many demonstrations of miracles in Egypt through Moses and continued to do miracles to demonstrate God's power, goodness and provision.

Many times, when a person has been in bondage, like Israel being slaves in Egypt, it is familiar and comfortable.  Our flesh prefers the old instead of the new thing (the promise land) God wants to produce. The reality, the enemy will try to do anything to get you to go back to your bondage. 

Have you ever gotten free from bondage and it should feel good but feels strange at first?  The flesh wants to take you back to bondage because it is familiar and comfortable.  One, it is a lack of trust in God for meeting you when there is uncertainty.

God's ways is to go forward and trust Him in the land of uncertainty.

What do you do during this time? 

1.  Praise him in adfor your freedom
2.  Declare and decree you are free and not going back
3.  Draw the line in the sand to determine to go forward into the wilderness for God to burn away more of the flesh
4.  Stand on the promises of God and fight for your freedom
5.  Pray over yourself and call forth your callings and giftings
6.  Don't look back in the land of regrets and sadness but move forward into the new land (spiritually) with gladness.  When you do think of the past, take the time to renounce those thoughts according to 2 Cor. 10:5.

It is a time to renew the mind to burn away more of the flesh and break strongholds of thinking and move into our new inheritance - the Promise Land.  The enemy will throw thoughts of remembrance but don't play into them.  Remember God has your best interest.

By: Traci Morin Ordained Min­is­ter, Writer, Pub­lic Speaker

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