Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Learn to Understand Self Cutting

Self Cutting Video by 700 Club exposes by people, teenagers or anyone self cutting.  Self cutting is a major problem with teenagers.  They do it to cover their emotional pain.  Physical pain easier to deal with than emotional pain.

Spiritual Roots of Self Cutting - Unloving Spirit (self-hatred) do not love who they are and feel worthless, unworthy, shame, hatred, rage, not accepted, rejected, etc.

Cutting Self Mutilation Video - Saved from drugs, Eating Disorders and Self Cutting

By: Traci Morin Ordained Min­is­ter, Writer, Pub­lic Speaker
Touch of God Ministries

Our Mis­sion: we are com­mit­ted to bring heal­ing, deliv­er­ance, and to help equip, empower, and edu­cate men and women who feel called to min­is­ter heal­ing and deliv­er­ance. Find out more about our Sat­ur­day Morn­ing Classes in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area — Set­ting the Cap­tives Free.

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