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Fear of Man

Overcoming Fear of Man

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spirit of fear but of a sound mind

The fear of man is a common problem with all humans which is a spirit coming out of a spirit of fear is a spirit of fear of man and fear of rejection. In fact it can be a real curse holding you back from the obedience of Christ.

We worry about our status among fellow humans because we fail to grasp our identity in Jesus. When we fear man, we’re vulnerable.

The Fear of Man is a Snare

The fear of man ensnares us into compromising what God would have us otherwise do and keeps us away from the will of the Father. The compromise is made through different thoughts, words or actions ending up in faulty decisions and consequences.

Not only that, fear will lot allow you to lay your life down for the Lord.

Also, rebellion against God since to be accepted by man is greater than obedience. Rebellion is working through witchcraft because of Fear of Man. Fear of man will bring you under the control of witchcraft. Whatever you are afraid of will control you. 1 Samuel 15:23

Spirit of fear of not measuring up to other's expectations or not being accepted by others. It is a real fear that grips you tightly. It is usually tied into being driven into performance and perfectionism and a need to be accepted at all cost. Also operating is a spirit of failure and you will do anything not to fail with people.

We are told that “the fear of man bringeth a snare, but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe” (Prov. 29:25).

They who trust not God, can never be true to Him: we shall run to carnal shifts and fearing men more than God do things displeasing to Him. If you have fear of man then you are a servant of Fear which is a sin. Remember you are not sin but a spirit of sin operating in you.

An example in the bible is Saul. Said had a fear of man, rebellion and it eventually set you up for distruction.

Overcoming the Fear of Man

The problem is when you you are in performance to be accepted by man, you set yourself in friendships of control, manipulation and domination. You will be in bondage to that person since there was a drive to be accepted at all cost. You will listen to man valuing their approval more than God's instead of submitting to God and resisting the devil. Because fear of man focuses your need for approval and acceptance from man as a priority over your relationship with God and His obedience.

Seven Characteristics of Fear.

Idolatry. When we care about what man thinks more than what God thinks for approval or respect, we turn people into idols.

Ineffectiveness. When we fear man we neglect God’s calling for us because we’re too preoccupied with what others are thinking.

Lack of love. When we’re overly concerned with “getting it right,” we turn people into projects to accomplish.

Not being transparant. If you’re overly motivated by the opinions of others, you won’t act like yourself. You’ll be a chameleon adapting yourself to the opinions and thoughts of others to be accepted.

Apathy. Fear man will cause you not to take risks because of fear of failure and rejection.

Dishonesty. If a brother is doing something wrong, you won't speak life in their life because of fear of their response.

Isolation. Fear of man won’t let you delegate anything because others might not do a good job, which could reflect poorly on your performance and reputation. Or, it is hard for you to be a leader b ecause of fear of man paralizes you. That spirit of fear of man will isolate you because it is better to do it alone then to be rejected.


Here is a test to see if you have fear of man:

1. I often feel like other people are taking about me behind my back.
2. I have a hidden sin(s) that no one else knows about.
3. I often experience bouts of depression.
4. I have a lot of trouble making decisions.
5. I have trouble being close to other people.
6. I know that I am self-conscious.
7. I am sometimes reactionary and defensive.
8. I feel a need to tell my side of a conflict to people who are not involved.
9. I find myself boasting or exaggerating about my accomplishments.
10. I have difficulty in taking rebuke and correction.
11. I feel that I have to maintain control in most situations.
12. I have a nervous habit(s) when I am around certain people.
13. I sometimes take the offensive and attack others before they can attack me.
14. I sometimes talk about myself when I should be listening to the other person.
15. I sometimes try to please others when I know what I am doing is wrong.
16. I feel like other people would not accept me if they would really knew me.
17. I sometimes think more about my needs than needs of others.
18. I find myself working more hours than I should.
19. I often get mad at myself for not accomplishing more.
20. I often have a battle with doubt.
21. I have difficulty in making new friends.
22. I often wrestle with confusion.

32. I am passive and allow others to make decisions for me.
33. I find it difficult to receive gifts from others.
34. I lack courage to witness for Christ as I should.
35. I am often frustrated and discontented.
36. I lack personal intimacy in my family relationships.

38. I have a disease that is associated to a nerve disorder.
39. I feel that more people reject me than accept me.
40. I admit that at times I wrestle with pride.

By: Traci Morin Ordained Min­is­ter, Writer, Pub­lic Speaker
Touch of God Ministries

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