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Charismatic Witchcraft - videos

Charismatic Witchcraft charismatic manipulation - charismatic witchcraft in the church

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Charismatic Witchcraft is the charismatic manipulation and control of others, imposing one’s will upon them, usually for a negative result or for the minister's gain. It is bondage to the victim of Charismatic Witchcraft

Four areas of human resources used to produce a spiritual result:  domination, intimidation, manipulation, and emotional blackmail.

I Domination

Pharisees are example to use, as those who desire to build their little kingdoms, rather than the kingdom of God, and they dominate the people in the time of Jesus. The Pharisees do not approach the Lord from a pure heart but a selfish heart.

Some ministers don’t have a concern for what the Lord wants, but rather it is what they want for their little kingdom - a self-centered attitude destroys many churches, and are taken down by many men of God.

People will use charismatic witchcraft to get their way in the local body; many of them are troublemakers who travel from one church to another if they can’t get what they want.  They leave a large number of innocent victims who are confused and hurt. Most are Jezebel spirits who wish to control and manipulate others for their gain. The idea is to destroy the work of God, and establish Satan’s (or man’s ) plan.

These people use manipulation and domination to cover their insecurity and fears.  You won't see it since their pride covers their insecurity.

Examples of How Charismatic Witchcraft is Used in Conversation:

The message that only the pastor, or designated minister, is “anointed.” You are nothing, and need to depend on them to make decisions for you.

People who inappropriately complain, or challenge, the ways of the church and wish others to conform to their ways. critical of others, unless there is agreement with them.

They will manipulate the need by manipulating and shaming you to give.  They will use unscriptural sayings such as give or seed for your healing.  There is nothing in scripture about healing through giving.

A pastor requires “dancing before the lord” a to be considered spiritual. You are really dancing before the pastor, to please him, and get his approval.

somehow you get the feeling that the church owns you, and you need to sacrifice everything for it, including putting your family second to the needs of the church.  They will manipulate you through guilt and shame.

II Intimidation

These ministers will make the people feel small and insignificant so that you will elevate their greatness. 

The Holy Spirit guides people into all truth. The Holy Spirit reveals truth to people, and when we misuse His authority, we step into charismatic witchcraft.  People get into witch hunts in an attempt to intimidate their prey, replacing God with themselves, in the guise of defending the truth through this intimidation.

Intimidation comes from a position of authority, and the usage of that authority to accept what is said or done, or condone what is said or done. The use of guilt, or threat of rejection, to make people submit to their leadership.

III Manipulation

Manipulation: the use of a position or a power to dictate how the outcome will end, removing the Holy Spirit to build one's own fame or kingdom.

Ministers will twist the Word of God or misinterprete a small part of scripture to manipulate you into submission. 


Many modern preachers on TV twist scripture to manipulate people out of their money, and promise miracle healing and prosperity that never happen and there are many other examples such as manipulate the Holy Spirit, manipulate spiritual gifts, etc. 

The doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balak to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication. this was meant to trick them into sin, so they would be punished appealing to the flesh of the congregation to promote carnal behavior (example: appeal to desire for money, sex, etc)

IV Emotional Blackmail

A man is asked, “Do you still beat your wife?” Any answer given without a context or a genuine knowledge of the person will appear to be evasive or allow unjust conclusions which all are meant to be based upon an appeal to one’s emotions.

Emotional blackmail always has an appeal to the emotion with the implied intent that the one using the emotion is “right” simply because they make the accusation, after all who could possibly doubt their integrity.

Such as forcing someone to undergo deliverance.

Christian curses put on others in order to “heal” them of something they do not have

Using a word of knowledge to falsely identify someone as having demons to embarrass them

Anyone who disagrees with church practices has “demons,” and should be shunned as unsaved.


If you are involved with a church where this is happening, it is time to get out. Be aware they will not let you go easily but you will have to make drastic moves like completely cutting off communications with them to get free.

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