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Taking Every Thought Captive

Taking Every Thought Captive - the biological/spiritual side and how it works together!

We all have heard the saying that it takes 28 days to create a new habit or new way of thinking. Why is that? Why does it take time to renew our minds to the Lord's truth about who we are in Christ? Isn't it time to get rid of those controlling toxic thoughts and emotions? The neurology behind holding every thought captive!

Renewing our minds requires a person to meditate on the Word of God with His truth. You might have memories of negative words spoken over you by your parents, pears, or people at work and you believe the lie. To renew your mind to what God says is true about you is renewing the mind. How do you apply it? Lets say you are asked to do a project and immediately you hear in your thought "I might fail or I'm not good enough or I'm not smart enough". Does that voice in your head come from the Lord or from the enemy. Why would he do that? He knows you will and knows your history. He knows what your parents or pears said to you in the past and how it made you feel because you believed it. Now, you have a choice to believe the lie in your head or choose to apply the word of God! That is renewing the mind in a circumstances by applying truth. When you do that by applying the word of God against the lie, then you are actually creating neurons to grow by making new connections in your brain. That creates a permanent imprint in our brains or mind. When we believe a lie or react to fear, then we create neurons to grow either negative or positive.

For example, if you were bit by a dog as a child, then every time you see a dog coming at you, you will immediately react in fear. You have a pathway to fear imprinted in your mind about dogs!

Well, what is happening there is a term in neuro science called Neuroplasticity so neuron stands for your Neurons and Plasticity stands for growth and connection of those neurons. As we learn something, we integrate into our being, we increase our neuroplasticity, we create more and more connections. The more we do that the stronger it gets. Like the example, the more we give into that fear, the more stronger it becomes and more pathways of fear is created. Every time a different fear issue occurs then another pathway connection is created to fear. We have these theta brain waves where a spirit of fear is actually constantly firing that pathway over and over again. So, it continues to grow. 2 Timothy 1:7 "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. So, we see that fear is a spirit.

That is why deliverance is so important if we have a stronghold to fear. What people don't know is that a person has to renew the mind. The difference between having deliverance and not having deliverance is as follows:

Then you go through deliverance and you are freed from that spirit of fear, but you are still left with all of these brain connections. And neurons they want to stay alive just like everything else.

So, neuron needs three things to stay alive. It needs oxygen, it needs sugar and it needs stimulation. Our thoughts is what stimulates the neurons. Now what happens is you have a thought and you’ve just been delivered and you are driving down the road, and you think Oh my god I’m not going to make it on time and all these horrible things are going to happen. Now, you create a change. You say no. I recognize that as fear and I’m walking in the grace of God and he will protect me. Now what happens is I begin to actually grow a new pathway (neuro plasticity) that says I’m safe, god loves me god will protect me even through my mistakes. Christ walks with me. You will begin to actually grow these new pathways.

The old pathways - have you ever heard the term use it or loose it? That is a reality. In these proteins they have what is called a half life of 14 days which means in 14 days if you have 100 proteins, you will only be left with 50 proteins. In another 14 days you will be left with 25. What happens in 28 days were now down to 25 protein and those cells are actually beginning to degenerate. That is where people talk about break habits and taking 28 days. That may be why.

Researchers say that 87 percent of the illnesses sthat plague us today are a direct result of our thought life. What we think affectas us physically and emotionally.

A lot of times people try to do this in the natural through positive thinking or positive affirmations. I’m a wonderful person, I’m a happy person, etc. You got the people in the back car going – you are not happy, you are miserable. So basically every time you fire the happy pathway, you are firing the self-hatred pathway as well. The reason it works with what we are doing here is that through deliverance, I’m eliminating the back seat people. Now I can apply what is in reality in the renewing of my mind. I’m renewing my mind in God’s word. As I am renewing my mind in the truth, these old thoughts are actually degenerating and dying and going away.

Here is the kicker. There is another neurology term called trans neuro degeneration. What that means is that the nerons want to stay alive but in essence is dying. So, what it does as it gets weaker and weaker, it begins to fire on its own. It just starts to go haywire. Now, all of the sudden you are doing good in your walk and doing well, these things are starting to loose their power and effect, and all of a sudden they go bang, bang, bank gang, bang. You are sitting there right up against the wall. That is where you dig in and you really push through it and you hold every thought captive and keep God on your mind. If you give in at that point, guess what they start doing at that point? They get to grow again. We give them permission to grow again.

Then you open the theta brain wave door back up again and you allow the spirits to enter in again. This is the process through the biology of things of how our brain works when renewing the mind. That is actually what is happening in our brain.

Through my life I developed this fear in the kitchen while in the car, etc in all these different areas. So, guess what happens when you are going through your life and you dealt with it and then guess what happens one day boom fear, because all of a sudden your back in a different area. That pathway still needs to be dealt with. That door still needs to be closed down and those neurons they just fire up. All of a sudden, who knows what happens, you are in a restaurant and you hear an old song and you are eating the steak and you think “Oh man I ate a raw steak once and almost died.” You have not had that experience in a long time. You deal with the fear in that experience at that moment with God’s word. You’ve not head that experience in a long time and so fear tries to come back and you have to deal with the fear again. What happens is all the areas that fear gets associated to in our walk in life begins to get cut off.

Isn't it time to remove hate, anxiety, anager, hostility, resentment, frustration, impatiene and irritations. All these produce toxic attitudes and create a chemical reaction in the body that can alter behavior. Not only that, negative emotions release a toxic chemical effecting every cell in your body. Long enough, it even effect the nucleous if the cell and causes it to mutate causing cancers to produce in your body.

For example, A spirit of fear is the root of stress. Scriptures say, "God has not given us a spirit of fear but of powre and love and of a sound mind" (2 tim. 1:7). Fear based thinking blocks the flow of healthy chemicals and releases toxic chemicals that put you into stress. Isn't it time to stop the stress? A spirit of fear can be worrying about anything that consumes your mind. Isn't it time to get free from a spirit of fear and change the chemicals in your brain to have good health and good thoughts?

Traci Morin

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