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How To Identify Traumas

IMPORTANT: Please do not dig or get impatient with yourself. It took a lifetime for these negative sin responses and false pathways of peace to develop. As you learn the principles of "A More Excellent Way," you will recognize and know how to deal with issues God's way.

Identify traumatic events from the earliest memory to the present by writing them down. See trauma list

Second Identify who was involved (make a list) if anyone was involved. It always doesn't have to be a person and can be a church, organization, etc.

Write down what they did or said (like curse words). Did it hurt you, did it make you angry or sad?


Fear when you around this person,

feelings of resentment,

feelings of frustration,

feelings of retaliation,

feelings of anger/wrath

feelings of hatred,

feelings if that person came into the room you would avoid them,

feelings of violence or had violence such as slamming doors when you heard their name, etc.

feelings of murder physically and/or you have gossiped about this person to others which is murder with the tongue.

feelings of hurt when you see this person (other feelings of sadness)

Then from that list of traumatic events and or trauma from others, take every event and identify demonic came in your door point? For example, if you were abused you may feel fear, angry because of bitterness and un forgiveness, frustration, unworthiness, self-pity, confused, jealous, distrusting, hateful, ashamed, embarrassed, shame, guilt, etc. Control issues, drivenness, false burden bearing, false responsibility – all result from fear, rejection, unloving spirits and distrust. Did it cause you to feel something was wrong with you and so what came in was self-hatred, self-rejection, self-unforgiveness?

Now, identify negative responses (false pathways to peace) and/or ways you avoid triggers or stresses. Negative coping methods can include isolation, use of drugs or alcohol, workaholism, violent behavior, angry intimidation of others, unhealthy eating, and different types of self-destructive behavior (attempting suicide or not taking care of yourself - slow death). Examples: Fear of crowds, I avoid crowds, and/or avoid people,

When stressed, I eat for comfort, or not eat at all,

When familiar words trigger for example: I'm dumb, I get angry and lash out and/or hit or retreat,

When someone doesn't listen to me, I get really angry or stop talking because it makes me feel I'm not important anyway or why bother,

I control people to be in control because of fear of loosing control because someone might hurt me,

I'm a workaholic or churchaholic and work or volunteer all the time to avoid emotional pain or don't like being alone and feeling loneliness,

I drink or take drugs to cover my pain,

I'm fearful of people and don't get involved so that I'm not vulnerable,

I take on every one else's issues like false responsibility and people get mad at me or I get angry when I give them good advise and they don't listen,

I have obsessive compulsive issues,

Do you avoid speaking in public, to a group, asking questions, or speaking out loud in a group?


Next, check to see if you made any inner vows or judgments toward anyone in your life: Example, my father was an alcoholic, I will not be like him. My mom was fat and I will not be like her. Inner Vows and Judgments is bitterness.

Now, identify emotional responses like anxiety attacks, fear, uncontrollable crying, depression, daydream, flashbacks, nightmares, intrusive thoughts or mental torment I cannot seem to get free from. Try to identify if any traumatic events created this problem.

If you identified the traumatic event causing the above problems, it is important to find the original traumatic event that created the original door point that brought in the demonic negative responses or feelings, so that you can close the door.

Once you have identified them all, you have just RECOGNIZED your sins like triggers demonic defenses and false pathways to peace:

Next, take RESPONSIBILITY and REPENT AND RENOUNCE any sin such as triggers, false mechanisms, false pathways to peace and what came in your door points:

Next FORGIVE OTHERS who traumatized you, and/or FORGIVE YOURSELF and check to see if you have anger towards the LORD.

REMOVE the demonic entities like fear, fear of abandonment, fear of man, fear of rejection, rejection issues, bitterness, unforgiveness, resentment, retaliation, hatred, self-hatred, violence and murder, guilt, shame, unworthiness, hopelessness, self-pity, etc., etc., etc. and close the door points from the traumatic event in your life.

RENEW YOUR MIND - whatever has happened or you believe about yourself, does it line up with God's word, start believing God's Word for you. God's word has authority over you (He is your creator) than what your parents, siblings, friends, teachers, etc. in your life. Don't

RESIST - by not falling into the same negative sin responses and pay attention to other negative responses or sin behavior or false pathways to peace in your life and REPEAT the process by closing the doors points.


Go and RESTORE others.

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