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Plagued by Incubus and Succubus Spirits at Night

Plagued by Incubus and Succubus Spirits at Night

The definitions came from Webster's Dictionary.

INCUBI - Demonic sexual attack on females; may be caused by sexual sins, witchcraft spells, curses of lust, inherited curses, can attack children

SUCCUBI - demonic sexual attacks on males, may be caused by the same as Incubi above

Those attacking females are called incubus and those concentrating on males are called the succubus. These are vicious sexual spirits which can molest and torment susceptible individuals. Most attacks are at night and the person its awakened by fondling hands, caressing hot lips and tongue, and other forms of lust inducing stimulation. Every kind of abnormal and deviate sexual experience can be generated by these evil spirits which are unclean spirits.

These demons cruelly torment their victims to satisfy their filthy cravings. Some people have told us that they get to the point they are afraid to go to sleep at night. Their days are filled with shame and they feel everyone knows what they do. They have no hope of escape. Many consider suicide and a good number carry it out. Some of these demons have been loosed on these helpless people by curses from their ancestors, and some by their own sins.

What opens the doors to these spirits:

Masturbation would open the door;

Sexual abuse would open the door;

Even with small children who masturbate, there most often is sexual sin or victimization somewhere in the generations, etc. Ask the Lord to show you the open door - many times the door is open to masturbation when the house is out of order.

Pornography can open the door either in magazines or internet;

If you have watched movies that are trashy - full of sex, then that can open the door to these vicious evil spirits which can make you feel unclean.

Once you know what the open door is in your life to bring in sexual spirits or we could say unclean spirits that are causing this, then repent and renounce for yourself, for your generations on both sides of your family back 4 generations back. Cast out the unclean spirits, spirits of shame and guilt (tell the spirits they have no legal right because you have repented for them) that have come in through you or through your generations.

If you have been a victim of sexual abuse, then forgive the people that violated you, forgive yourself for participating even if you are innocent. It closes the door on accusation from the enemy on you. Also, make sure you are not mad at god for this happening.

If this does not help, then definately seek the Lord for more answers.

Prov. 26:2 a curse causeless cannot come. That means if all doors are shut, then it has no legal right to you. If you have or your generations have opened the door and they have not repented for their sins, then it has legal right to bring torment. When renounced in your generations (generational curses), it should close the doors and breaking curses.

by: Traci Morin

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