Monday, July 18, 2005

Renouncing Specific Cult/Occult Strongholds

Confession and Deliverance From Specific Cult/Occult Strongholds(to be prayed outloud)

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Dear Heavenly Father, I come before You to renounce all sinful, practices and idolatry of seeking information, knowledge, healing, comfort, identity or power from any occult, cult, psychic or secret source. I ask you to forgive me and cleanse me from any areas where I have allowed Satan to enter my life.

I renounce being involved in or in contact with secret lodges or societies such as Freemasonry and their organizations, the Eastern Star, Rosicrucians, Edgar Cayce's teachings and readings, Erhard Seminars Training (EST), Scientology, Eastern mysticism, Spiritism, Christian Science, Jehovah's Witness, Mormonism, Unitarians, The Way, Unification Church, Herbert W. Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God, Intercontinental Church of God, Living Church of God [name any other Armstrong group you were in], the New Age and its practices or any religion or organization of an occult nature.

I renounce ever reading books about the black arts, parapsychology, magic, satanic rituals, including the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses, the Satanic Bible, books on false religions, books written by Herbert W. Armstrong, Gerald Flurry (mention any other leader of Armstrong splinter you were involved with that has claimed special revelation from God) and other satanic books and writings.

I renounce all sins of divination, including: palm reading, fortune telling, tarot card reading, tea leaf reading, the crystal ball or crystal gazing, candle gazing, Ouija Board, ESP, telepathy, horoscopes, automatic hand writing or spirit writing, astrology, water divining, the rod and pendulum.

Overthrow and Uproot Evil Witchcraft Forces Prayer Manual

I renounce trance channeling, consulting familiar spirits, clairvoyance, communication with the dead, séances, consulting counselors from the spirit realm, consulting wizards, ascended masters, spirit guides, wise masters, cult leaders, fortune tellers, witches, shamans, mediums or spiritists.

I renounce all demonic, occult or psychic healing practices, including pow-wow healing, charming to heal, pendulum healing, magic healing, psychic healing, magnetism or Mesmerism.

I renounce all use of occult power, casting spells or witchcraft, voodoo, black and white magic, Santeria and other forms of local witchcraft.

I renounce magical or occult hypnosis, metaphysics or mind science, yoga, transcendental meditation, sorcery, astral projection and soul travel, table lifting or levitation, using pyramid power, mind control or mind manipulation, amulets and charms, power crystals and religious medals.

I renounce heavy metal music, satanic rock and black rock, watching occult movies and all demonic role-play games, such as Dungeons and Dragons.

I renounce all secret oaths to pagan (false) gods as part of initiation ceremony into organizations, fraternities, sororities and other organizations, which practice these ceremonies.

I renounce and repent of ever taking part in any of these practices or organizations.

I ask You Father, to forgive and restore me, in Jesus' name. Amen

Prayer of Cleansing for Participating in the Occult
(to be prayed outloud)

Dear Heavenly Father, I confess all occult sins of seeking from Satan, the help that should come only from You.

I repent of all these sins of occultism, idolatry and any oath I may have made to any false gods and ask to be forgiven.

I repent for seeking aid, knowledge, power or comfort from the kingdom of darkness.

I repent and renounce those occult sins and idolatry that I cannot remember. I close all doors or openings in my life to all occult and psychic practices and spirits of darkness.

I ask You, Heavenly Father, to seal them with the precious shed Blood of Jesus Christ, never to be opened again. In Jesus' name. Amen.

“Setting Captives Free from Disease and Deliverance and from Spiritual Oppression”

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Anonymous said...

Oh boy. the real infinite is still you, and we can not wish you people away - we're stuck with you as other halves of our identities, just as you are with us. Accept that that is life and embrace and love it. Or die and go to "heaven," whichever you please... please.

spiritdancer said...

that really says nothing. so your point

spiritdancer said...

sorry, i was addressing the person who i felt left a rather vague point about what you said