Friday, May 13, 2005

Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine ~ Taoist philosophy and spiritual practices including chi gung, t'ai chi, meditation, internal alchemy, Taoism, acupuncture, and traditional Chinese medicine, massage, Chinese herbology

"....These days Chinese Herbalism is referred to as Traditional Chinese Medicine. [TCM] In China it is a recognized course at university. The three most important principles of TCM are Yin and Yang, Holism and the Five Elements. TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine, views the body holistically. It is seen as a integrated whole. Problems in the one area, affect the others. Running through the body is a network of channels carrying "qi", life energy. In TCM when the Yin and Yang in the body is disturbed, disease or emotional problems occur. This can be further defined as, interior (yin), exterior (yang), deficiency (yin), excess (yang), cold (yin) and hot (yang). TCM also includes the concept of the Five Elements, earth, fire, wood, metal and water. The concept of the Five Elements applies to all things including the bodies internal organs. Chinese herbs are used to balance these forces. Chinese herbs are classified under the Five Elements according to taste. The opposing Yin/Yang qualities of hot and cold are linked with actions of specific herbs. Chinese herbs work on specific organs and meridians with tendencies of action, Floating and Sinking, Ascending and Descending. In TCM herbs are usually taken as a formula of 10 to 15 herbs. Each herb will have a different role..."

Sin may play a role in sickness the Bible tells us but Chinese medicine practitioners however make no allowance for this Biblical principle.

For the Christain the Bible is the yardstick for healing and tells you what to do when sick (James 5:14-16). If only people would examine their hearts for sin they would receive more than physical healing. But the devil's strategy is to keep man's eyes off the real cause of illness.

Chinese medicine cannot be reconciled with Science or the Bible and is a demonically inspired prescription for healing, based on health principles of Taoism. Whoever uses Chinese medicine rejects the God of the Bible and turns to an idol for healing.

If you are a Christian and using Chinese medicine for a cure, why have you not considered the Bible which tells

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