Friday, May 13, 2005


Acupressure ~ Acupressure is very often described as "acupuncture without the needles" Acupressure also predates acupuncture and is part of traditional Chinese medicine and is based on the theory of "QI". Qi is often referred to as "life energy" and it is what flows channels in the body known as meridians. Finger and thumb pressure is applied to certain acupoints which is used in relieving certain ailments and promoting health and harmony. It is widely practiced in China but still finding its way in the western world. A number of acupuncturists also use acupressure. In China the most common form of acupressure is called "tuina". In Japan the most common form is "anma". Acupressure is a system of massage that promotes the life energy to circulate. The same principles of stimulating points on the meridians are the same whether needles or fingers are used. Another system of acupressure is called "shen tao" which is possibly the oldest form. The Japanese version of acupressure "anma" has developed into what is now called shiatsu.

Sin may play a role in sickness the Bible tells us but Accupuncturists however make no allowance for this Biblical principle.

For the Christain the Bible is the yardstick for healing and tells you what to do when sick (James 5:14-16). If only people would examine their hearts for sin (rather than their feet) they would receive more than physical healing. But the devil's strategy is to keep man's eyes off the real cause of illness.

Accupuncture cannot be reconciled with Science or the Bible and is a demonically inspired prescription for healing, based on health principles of Taoism. Whoever uses Accupuncture rejects the God of the Bible and turns to an idol for healing.

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